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Welcome to Spa Grande Nature, Timmins’ Premier Spa and Nordic Baths, located at Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa. Inspired by the splendour of the nature surrounding us, we are proud to offer you a nurturing spa experience tailored to meet your individual needs.

Spa Grand Nature is designed to promote the ultimate relaxation experience in serene surroundings. Rejuvenate your body by indulging in our Nordic Baths, or schedule a massage, body treatment, facial, manicure or other aesthetic service.  Stimulate your senses with our hydro-fusion spa jet and infrared sauna.

Each member of our team is certified and has been specifically selected for their vast knowledge, experience, dedication, and education in their field.

Balance your life with nature at Spa Grande Nature.

Nordic Baths

Alternating hot & cold baths stimulates the circulation and by cooling the body quickly, the production of adrenaline.  The adrenaline then rapidly transforms into endorphins, the body’s natural anti-depressant. Other benefits are the boosting of your immune system, the improving sleep quality, the total muscle relaxation & body oxygenation. 

*Prices subject to change

The Technique

The Technique

To fully enjoy the experience:

Warm your body in the dry sauna or steam bath for approximately 15 minutes.
Immerse yourself in the tempered salt pool, Nordic waterfall or simply the cold shower located in the hallway.
Relax in one of our relaxation areas, inside or outside.
For ultimate well-being, we recommend you repeat this ritual three or four times, drinking plenty of water in between and finally immersing yourself in the hot pool for a full muscle relaxation.

Bath Access

Bath Access

No reservation required
1 towel, 1 bottled water, 1 locker provided
Swimsuit & sandals mandatory
On-site rental of sandals and bathrobes
Must be 18 years of age or older
No food or alcohol permitted
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (please arrive two hours to closing).

Nature Bath Guest Pass


Session Pricing

Per session $45.00
Package of 5 sessions $200.00
Package of 10 sessions $400.00
Package of 20 sessions $800.00

*Alcohol is strictly prohibited when using the Nordic baths.*


Please note: the Nordic Baths are not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure, respiratory difficulties, diabetes or angina. It is not recommended to wear glasses in the sauna.


We offer express, age corrective, calm skin, illuminating custom facial, deep exfoliating and back facials

*Prices subject to change

Express Facial: 45 Minutes

This facial is perfect when time is of the essence and you need a refreshing pick me up. It includes a renewing facial cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer.


Age Corrective Facial: 45 Minutes

With visible results in just 2 minutes, that last up to 8 hours, this is the perfect facial for a special occasion. The instant line filler with neck & eye lift, rapidly de-puffs tired eyes, smooths wrinkles and lifts the eye, neck and décolletage for immediate and long-lasting youthful-looking results.


Calm Skin Facial: 75 minutes

The natural ingredients in Calm Skin products help treat skin problems, such as rosacea, successfully. The organic compounds from the Calm Skin line absorb into your skin to regulate your skin’s renewal process and reverse the effects that cause redness, breakouts and blotches, redness is reduced, skin is calmed, and complexion appears toned and enriched.


Illuminating Custom Facial: 75 minutes

This is a truly customized facial featuring product containing organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. A professional consultation with our esthetician ensures it is designed to address your skins specific needs. Your skin is cleansed and pampered to reveal a more radiant complexion.


Deep Exfoliating Facial: 60 minutes

Boasting a total of 6 different acids (flower acids, azelaic acid, mandolin acid, malice acid, citric acid, and lactic acid), this superior, professional strength peel treats the skin to reduce hyper pigmentation and inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and is also suitable for sensitive skin types. ActiWhite, derived from sweet pea extract, lightens the appearance of the skin, while gardenia stem cell technology improves elasticity and skin tone for a younger-looking appearance.


Back Facial: 60 minutes

Specifically designed to target those hard to reach places on your back, this is a facial designed to invigorate your skin with deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a luxurious masque and soothing massage.


Hands & Feet

We offer classic, deluxe, express manicures, pedicures, French polish and gel nails

*Prices subject to change

Classic Manicure: 50 minutes

A traditional relaxing hand treatment that includes a nourishing soak, nail and cuticle grooming, gentle massage, all topped off with a pretty polish application.


Deluxe Manicure: 65 minutes

Your classic nail care and polish application, combined with moisturizing elixirs, sugary sweet scrubs and hydrating paraffin make this decadent manicure not to be missed.


Classic Pedicure: 65 minutes

Sit back, relax and put your feet up as you enjoy this classic foot treatment including nail shaping, cuticle care, callus removal, soothing massage and polish application.


Deluxe Pedicure: 75 minutes

Allow us to pamper your tired tootsies with this luxurious pedicure. It includes all the elements of a classic pedicure enhanced with a renewing foot scrub and soothing paraffin.



Add French Polish $15
Gel Polish $12
Gel Removal Hands OR Feet $14.00
Express Manicure $30
Express Pedicure $39
Polish Change Hands $16
Polish Change Feet $16

Body Treatment & Waxing

Our body wrap treatments include chocolate decadence, blueberry bliss slimming wrap, and whole body sugar scrub. We also offer waxing services for all areas.

*Prices subject to change

Chocolate Decadence: 75 minutes

Skin is smoother after a full body coconut scrub, wrinkles are reduced after we cocoon you in our chocolate truffle mask, and tension is melted away with our dreamy naseberry lotion application. This body treatment is a sweet chocolate treat without the calories.


Blueberry Soy Bliss Slimming: 75 minutes

A delightful blend of herbs and blueberries rich in anti-oxidants will leave your skin looking firmer and younger. This treatment includes full body exfoliation, masque, and shimmering body lotion application.


Whole Body Sugar Scrub: 45 minutes

A gentle yet deep full body exfoliation with Éminence products, the original leader in organic skin care. Infused with Apricot, Cranberry and Pomegranate.” (45 minutes)


Facial & Body Waxing

Face Combo $25
(Upper lip, Chin & Brow)
Eye Brows $15
Chin $13
Upper Lip $11
Lip and Brow $20

Stomach/Chest $45
Back $45
Arms $25
Underarm $20
Full Legs $54
Half Legs $35
Bikini $40
Full Bikini $52
Brazilian $55


Spa-Jet is a multi-sensory spa system stunningly designed to provide a unique personal spa experience. 

*Prices subject to change

Session Pricing

These treatments will cause the pores of the skin to open on a grand scale thus helping to rid the body of its waste while stimulating the metabolism and the immune system, and at the same time allowing for a deeper penetration of the cream or wrap. The result is spectacular and long lasting.

$30 per Session
$130 for 5 Sessions
$250 for 10 Sessions

The powerful synergy and variety of its functions enables us to offer you a more individualized program to meet your needs and desires.

Vapor and mist

Deep detoxification, increases metabolic and cellular circulation. Increase skin hydration and prepares it to receive treatment.

Vibrating massage

Help reduce cellulite. Complete relaxation releasing tensions. Accelerate toxin elimination. Improve blood circulation, acts on the nervous system.

Hydro massage

There are 22 Vichy shower jets (10 for the back of the body, 10 for the front and 2 under feet). Their functions are to massage, drain, relax, rehydrate and energize.

Ceramic Far infrared

Increase blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, drain toxins and metabolic wastes, cellular renewal and re-oxygenation of tissues.

Aroma & Chromo Therapy

Aromatherapy: Frees respiratory canal, assist in relaxation.

Chromo therapy: Increases energy, calms and relaxes mind and brings a general state of well being.

Laser Treatments

Treatments include: skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, scar and stretch mark treatment, permanent hair reduction, and vessel & pigment clearance.

Book a free consultation today!

The Palomar Icon Aesthetic System

The Palomar Icon Aesthetic System is the next generation of platform technology, with high peak powers, state of the art cooling, built in calibration, and the Skintel reader – the only FDA-cleared melanin reader. The Palomar Icon System provides fast treatments with excellent outcomes and user experience.


Building on two decades of unparalleled investments in developing light-based systems for aesthetic providers, the Palomar Icon System redefines the standard of light-based cosmetics and dermatologic care by introducing several new enhancements designed to help improve outcomes and treatments satisfaction.

Targeted Treatments

With the Palomar Icon System, Spa Grande Nature can provide the most popular treatments including skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, scar and stretch mark treatment, permanent hair reduction, and vessel and pigment clearance.

Photofacial & Fractional Resurfacing

If you do not want extreme results or the extended down time that comes with surgery, then a Photofacial (fine capillaries, hyperpigmentation) or Fractional Resurfacing (fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and other scaring) is an option for you. If you are not happy with shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is worth considering.

Our laser technicians can help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Session Pricing

Treatments are completely customized to your needs. Specifically, a consultation needs to be made to determine if you are a good candidate for treatments. This will be determined based on your skin type, your aesthetic goals and other considerations.

Book a free consultation today!

*Prices subject to change

Far Infra-Red Sauna

The Infra-Red Sauna makes the same rays that come from the sun and filters out the UV radiation, so it only gives you the infrared radiation.

*Prices subject to change

Session Pricing

$15 per Session;
$80 for 6 Sessions;
$125 for 10 Sessions.

Sauna Information

As per Dr. Oz, you can burn up to 700 calories per session without lifting a finger. One treatment is said to be comparable to having run a 20 kilometer race. The benefits of this technology are many, including pain relief, weight control, detoxification, and healthier, more radiant skin. This treatment is an especially effective treatment for those suffering from conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and diabetes.


We offer deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, pre-natal massage, relaxation and hot stone massage. (Registered Massage Therapist available.)

*Prices subject to change

Registered Massage Therapy

This is a customized therapeutic massage experience that assists in relieving pain and tension, as well as increasing circulation and rehabilitating injuries.

30, 60, 90 minutes
$70 – $100 – $140

Relaxation Massage

Soothing massage techniques and aromatherapy oils are combined to create this decadent full body relaxation experience.

30, 60, 90 minutes
$55 – $85 – $120

Hot Stone Massage

Nurturing massage techniques will release stress and tension whilst warm stones radiate a soothing heat and increase circulation.

60, 90 minutes
$97 – $132

Spa Packages

Our spa packages make it easy for you to relax and unwind. Treat yourself! Also great for staycations or as a gift to someone you love.

*Prices subject to change

Rest and Rejuvenate Package

Whether you had a long work week, want to treat yourself or want to spend a great day with a friend, we have the package for you!

60 Minute Relaxation Massage:
Loosen up with soothing massage techniques and aromatherapy oils combined to create a decadent full body relaxation experience.

Eminence Express Facial:
Invigorate your skin with a renewing facial cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer.

Classic Pedicure:
Sit back and be pampered with this classic foot treatment including nail shaping, cuticle care, callus removal, soothing massage and polish application.

Balance your day with a delicious meal made fresh from our in-house restaurant The Voyageur.

$198 per person

Couples Package

Leave your stress behind and feel renewed with this package that you can enjoy with the company of a friend, that special someone or on your own.

60 Minute Relaxation Massage:
Soothing massage techniques and aromatherapy oils are combined to create this decadent full body relaxation experience.

Nordic Bath:
The experience of the Nordic baths is an ancient tradition of alternating between periods of hot and cold resulting in the ultimate relaxation.

Enjoy a freshly prepared meal from our in-house restaurant The Voyageur.

$246.00 per couple
$123.00 per person

Mani Pedi Delight Package

Gel Manicure, Deluxe Pedicure and a Dessert of the Day.

$113.00 (+tax)


Please Note: Specials are not to be used in combination with each other. One special per person, per visit.

Bathrobe Rental

$10/Per person

Nordic Bath Sandals

$3/Per person

Spa Etiquette

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call (705) 268-1355 to obtain up-to-date information and to make reservations.

Our Spa Services (such as manicures, pedicures, etc.) are available for people 16 years of age and older.  However, our Nordic Spa (with Nature Baths, Sauna, Steam Room) is available for people 18 years of age and older.

Please do not bring jewelry to the Spa as we cannot secure these or other valuables.

Please arrive on time. Arriving late may result in a shortened service. On your first visit, we would ask you to arrive about 20 minutes early to allow time to complete a health history form to assist the Spa therapists in providing you the best experience possible and to assure your safety and comfort.

A robe and slippers are provided for all spa body treatments. Bring a bathing suit for hydrotherapy or sauna treatments.

To maintain a serene spa environment, we encourage you to walk and converse quietly in the spa area.

For the comfort of all, please be sure to turn off your cell phone before entering the spa area. Your cooperation providing a quiet environment is very much appreciated.

Gratuities are not included in the service prices but are graciously accepted. There are special envelopes at the Reception Desk for this purpose.


Hours of Operation

Please contact us to book your spa appointment. Gift Certificates are also available for purchase.

Spa Grande Nature

Monday: Closed

Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 am to 6 pm

Thursday & Friday: 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm


Nordic Baths

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm

Please arrive 2 hours prior to closing

Email: or Call (705) 268-1355

Reservations & Cancellation

We require a valid credit card number at the time of booking and at least 24 hours notice to cancel Tuesday – Thursday. If 24 hour notice of cancelation is not given, a charge of 50% of the service will apply to your credit card. If the cancelling client has a gift card, this gift card will be used for the 50% cancelation fee. If the booking is for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we require at least 48 hours notice to cancel. If 48 hour notice of cancelation is not given, a charge of 100% of the service value will apply to your credit card. If the cancelling client has a gift card, this gift card will be used for the cancelation fee. *Please note, all Registered Massage Therapy appointments will be charged 100% cancelation fee without at least 24 hours notice Tuesday – Friday, Saturday appointments require 48 hours notice.


A receipt for insurance purposes will be issued for all massages performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).

COVID-19: The health of our guests and employees is important. We have implemented new protocols to comply with public health guidelines. Click here to read more.

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